Tommy Emmanuel


Guitar Camp USA in Vail, Colorado
21 Sep 2018

One of my favorite things to do is to pass on my guitar knowledge to those with a desire to learn it. There is no better place for that than at one of my guitar camps. My camps have evolved in so many ways over the years. Each time, we learn something new that makes my next camp even more special. We want to give people the right amount of teaching but also enough time to jam, socialize, and really absorb the local environment. I love my guitar camps so much, and I’m thrilled to announce Tommy Emmanuel’s Guitar Camp USA 2019 in Vail, CO. 

John Denver sang about the Rocky Mountains and made us all aware of the natural beauty and the freshness of the air. I’ve been playing in Colorado since the early 90’s, and although I don’t ski…I’ve always wanted to go to Vail. That’s one reason this year’s Guitar Camp USA is taking place at The Lodge in Vail, CO on June 13-17, 2019. There’s nothing quite like the Rocky Mountains in the summer. Everything about it is going to be beautiful and really make people appreciate nature that much more. The Vail Guitar Camp USA features my most diverse guitar camp lineup thus far – Joe Robinson, J.D. Simo, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, and special guests Tuck & Patti. The instructors that I’ve chosen reflect such a wide range of styles – jazz, bluegrass, country, blues, fusion, even jam band rock ‘n’ roll. Each one has been carefully selected to bring something totally different to this camp. The Vail Guitar Camp USA will include four full days of lessons, workshops, performances, and some very special outings so that we get a real taste of the Rocky Mountain air. I hope you can join us, and I promise it will be an amazing an unforgettable experience! You can register here

PS – There is another guitar camp we are announcing on the other side of the world on Monday. Stay tuned for details. 



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