Tommy Emmanuel


Happy Birthday Chet!
20 Jun 2019

Remembering Chet on his birth date today… 
His brilliance, his kindness and his example to us all can never be underestimated. He set a high standard to follow and was true to his calling. It didn’t matter if you were the waitress in Cracker-barrel or the President, he treated everyone the same, and had a big heart for his fellow man.

Smokey Mt Lullaby was the last song we recorded together. It was in the early hours of the morning and it was one take. He treated me like family and I will always be grateful to him, Leona and Merle for their kindness and encouragement. Every time I play one of his tunes, it’s like he lives on through his music and comforts me inside. 
We owe him so much!

Thanks Chief! 
xx TE cgp.

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