Tommy Emmanuel


‘Looking Forward To The Past’ with Rodney Crowell
1 Dec 2017

I hope you enjoy the video for “Looking Forward to the Past” with Rodney Crowell. I’ve been a fan of Rodney’s since the 70s and have always loved his songs. When he asked me to play on his album, I suggested we trade, and he sing on my album. It was a deal! When I went to his studio to play on his track, he sang this song to me. I came back the next day and we recorded “Looking Forward To The Past”. Rodney works the same way I do – sitting down and playing as if it’s in front of an audience. We capture a performance, and don’t manufacture it. This video was a fun to make. I’ve always dreamed of being a gunslinger in the old west.

‘Looking Forward to the Past’ featuring Rodney Crowell​ is available for download now on all digital platforms!

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