Tommy Emmanuel


Tommy performances on PBS
19 Nov 2015


-Public Television Performances-

Select US PBS markets are airing Tommy Emmanuel performances as part of their December 2015 pledge and membership drives!

As part of their pledge-packages, these stations will be offering CDs as well as exceptional seating for Tommy’s upcoming concerts in their area.  Performances include Centerstage, Live at the Balboa Theatre, and a very special Music Gone Public episode.  Check local listings to see which performance is airing, tune in, tell your friends, and enjoy the music!

Listings are below the video preview of Tommy’s Music Gone Public episode…. thanks for supporting public television!

Louisville KY – KET
Nov 28 – 12midnight
Nov 30 – 12:30am
Dec 1 – 4:30am
Dec 5 – 11:30pm

Bloomington IN – WTIU
Nov 28 – 9:30pm
Dec 1 – 9:30pm
Dec 5 – 12:30pm
Viewer Choice option Dec 5-7

Philadelphia PA – WHYY
Nov 28 – 9:30pm

Sacramento, CA – KVIE
Nov 29 – 4pm
Dec 1 – 7pm
Dec 5 – 4pm

Conway AR – AETN
Nov 30 – 8:30pm
Dec 5 – 11:30am and 9:30pm
Dec 6 – 10am
Dec 12 – 4pm and 12midnight
Dec 13 – 9:30pm

Urbana IL – WILL
Dec 1 – 7pm
Dec 7 – 8:30pm

Grand Rapids MI – WGVU
Dec 1 – 8pm
Dec 4 – 12midnight
Dec 7 – 9:30pm
Dec 9 – 1am
Dec 10 – 2:30am
Dec 13 – 10am and 8pm

Nashville TN –  WNPT
Dec 8 – 10:30pm

New York NY – WLIW
Dec 10 – 12midnight
Dec 13 – 10:30pm

New  York NY – WNET
Dec 12 – 11pm

New Jersey – NJTV
Dec 13 – 11pm

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