Tommy Emmanuel


20 Jun 2018

I wanted to thank all you good people who have written and posted about my brother, Phil. I’ve cried, laughed, told stories, and had a million things to do since he passed away. I feel he wants us to stay happy and look after each other, so let’s get to work! Phil taught me so much right from the start.

He showed me how to recognize song keys, chords, harmonies, how to get a sound that worked, how to stay out of the way on stage, and when to step forward when I had something to say (musically or otherwise). We spent so many years traveling, playing shows, setting up, packing up, and sleeping in cheap motels and pubs. It was all because we loved to entertain people and have fun.

We shared everything. He taught me about kindness, giving, listening, how to love people as they are. He wants us to find our happiness, and to hold onto it tightly. He showed us how to find humor in everything, and to pass it on to others. He was eternally kind and loving, and he showed his commitment to the music and the audience every time he walked on the stage.

I love Phil, and I miss him! If you’re feeling generous, Phil was very passionate about nature and the environment. He and I support the WWF-Australia, which stands for the World Wildlife Fund. If you want to make a donation in his name, my family would appreciate it and so would mother nature! Just click here

I promise I’ll be sharing more Phil stories soon!

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