Tommy Emmanuel


Sail On Video
4 Apr 2020

When I got the shocking news that my closest brother (Phil “The Wiz” Emmanuel) had passed away, I went into support mode for the rest of my family. We all talked for hours until I had to sleep. When I woke up, I got a different view of my irreplaceable partner. I started to see that I watched him struggle a lot in the last 10 years of his life, not just with his health but in his musical life as well. Somehow, I felt a sense of relief that he didn’t have to struggle anymore. I felt compelled to write this song. I loosely based it on the theme to Crocodile Dundee, the movie in which the main character could have easily been modeled after my brother. On Phil’s gravestone are the words “sail on beautiful soul.” Wiz rest easy and no smoking in heaven.

Sail On is played on a TE Personal Custom Maton

The Best of Tommysongs will be available on May 8th!! Stream on Spotify, Apple Music. You can also purchase a physical copy on my website, by clicking here!!

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