Tommy Emmanuel


Thank You Campers!!
29 Jul 2017

Hello Thrill Seekers! I just had one of life’s great experiences at our Guitar Camps in California. Joe Satriani had his G4 team with amazing players/teachers…and I had my acoustic Camp with my hand-picked team of incredible players/ teachers. Everybody had a great time, did a lot of work, a load of jamming and socializing, and we were able to send the students to BOTH camps to hear the players doing their thing. I had the privilege of playing with Joe and Phil Collen (from Def Leppard). I haven’t played my electric guitar for a long time, so it was great to bend those strings again and listen and learn from these monster players!! Hope we can do it again!! Thanks to Dreamcatcher Events for putting on our camps! BTW…Stu Hamm and Jonathan Mover were so good to play with too!! Thank YOU! xx TE


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