Tommy Emmanuel


Those Who Wait
8 May 2020

At one point in my career, I had management and the record company people pressuring me to not go solo. All my instincts were telling me that’s exactly what I must do. After some confrontations, I made the decision to break free of contracts, records companies, and management. I knew my destiny lie in being a solo player and composer. I was told that I was crazy thinking that people would want to hear solo acoustic guitar. They said there’s no market for that kind of music. I answered, “I’ll create one.” After standing my ground, I felt empowered to throw myself completely into a solo career. Once I made up my mind, nothing could stop this song coming out of me. It’s a statement of finding the courage to be yourself when all around you want you to be something else.

Today is release day! You can also stream the entire album on Spotify or Apple Music. You can also buy your own copy of The Best of Tommysongs on my web-store by clicking here!

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