Tommy Emmanuel


Tittle Tattle
17 Apr 2018

One of my favorite things to do when I’m home in Nashville is to go and jam with Jack Pearson. His knowledge, experience, and versatility are unmatched. His loving attitude and big heart is an inspiration to be around. I was thrilled that Jack agreed to be on my album, Accomplice One. The song, which we recorded in one take, is testimony to Jack’s greatness. I simply said to him, “Let’s play a blues in Bb.” He started strumming the chords, then I joined in with some melody lines. We then weaved our way through the whole song as if having a conversation and nothing was planned or rehearsed. This is music in its pure state. It’s two guys playing from their heart and from their mind. When we listened back to it, Jack said, “We sound like two kids in a playground.” So, I called it “Tittle Tattle”. We just have a blast playing together, and I think it shows in this video. I’m also honored that Jack will be joining me for my guitar camp in Memphis. 



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