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9 Mar 2018

Big news thrill-seekers! This week we added tab and notation for all of the video song lessons written by me on Certified Gems, Certified Gems 2, and Little By Little. These 3 courses feature many of my most popular songs. We’re also working on a course teaching songs from, It’s Never Too Late, which should be available shortly. 

Just getting into fingerstyle? Check out Fingerstyle Milestones and Fingerstyle Breakthroughs — both courses are ideal for guitar players who are ready to explore the polyphonic wonders of fingerstyle guitar!

All of the courses are produced with my friends at TrueFire. You’ll have lots of handy tools for looping and slowing down the video, tab, and notation. Plus, I walk you through all of the lessons step-by-step, note-by-note! 

You can learn more about all of my courses on my website by clicking here or on TrueFire 

TrueFire is running a promo of 25% off Tommy’s courses through March 14th.  The code is:  TOMMYTAB

Grab your guitar and let’s dig in together!



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