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22 Aug 2016

Hello Thrill Seekers…thrilled to annouce that Tommy TV is back up and running with all kinds of classic and current content that is free and fun to enjoy. Check it out here!

Also, I am pleased to announce a new instuctional course that I’ve completed with my good friends at TrueFire called Fingerstyle Breakthroughs. This new course picks up where my previous course, Fingerstyle Milestones, left off. I slow it all down (it’s hard for me to slow down), so you can see the mechanics of fingerstyle with some great songs that are really fun to play. On our journey as fingestyle players, we start out learning the importance of thumb independence, boomchick bass, chords, melodies, and harmony. In Fingerstyle Milestones we worked on your basic fingerstyle skills, and now with Fingerstyle Breakthroughs we’re going to learn 11 songs and new techniques.
To check out Fingerstyle Breakthroughs and some of my insturctional courses, click here.

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