Tommy Emmanuel
Train to Dusseldorf
27 Mar 2020

As the title says, it’s another song written on a train! Traveling around Germany on trains is one of my favorite things to do. It’s exhilarating speeding across the country 300km per hour in a smooth quiet train, and the journey I made this day gave me enough time to finish this song. When I changed trains at Hamm, I couldn’t wait to play it for someone. I found an elderly Indian lady sitting alone on the platform. I sat beside her and played my new song for her. She looked at me puzzled, then smiled and nodded her approval. I put my guitar away and got on my next connecting train to Dusseldorf.

Train to Dusseldorf (TE Personal Custom Maton)

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20 Mar 2020

Timberland (Karol Baritone Guitar)

Written on his regular guitar, but switched to the baritone guitar to give it “the drama” it needed. He had just read a synopsis of a film idea about the timber industry back in the early 1800’s. Enjoy another new song from the upcoming album, The Best Of Tommysongs.

Pre-order the album by clicking here

Stream on Spotify or Apple Music

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Show Update from COVID-19
20 Mar 2020

COVID 19 UPDATE – Here’s an update on the performances Tommy Emmanuel was forced to reschedule due to the Coronavirus, with a few festival cancellations. If you already purchased a ticket or meet & greet for a show, it will be honored for the new rescheduled show date and you do not need to do anything (except in Mississauga – see below). This information has been updated in most places. However, if you go to the venue and you see they haven’t updated the information, please do not fret. The venue staffs are overloaded with show postponements so they might be behind in posting this information. Thank you all for your patience through this very difficult time. We’re all in this together! We will survive, and we will come together and celebrate life through music really soon!

  • 3/25 – Duluth, MN  – Moved to Jan. 15, 2021*
  • 3/27 – Mississauga, ON (Toronto) – Moved to Dec. 15, 2020* (wait for info from venue)
  • 3/28 – Calgary, AB – Moved to Dec. 9, 2020*
  • 3/30 – Edmonton, AB – Moved to Dec. 10, 2020*
  • 4/1 – Victoria, BC – Moved to Dec. 13, 2020*
  • 4/2 – Vancouver, BC – Moved to Dec. 7, 2020*
  • 4/15 – Midwest City, OK (Oklahoma City) – Moved to Aug. 22, 2020*
  • 4/16 – Kansas City, MO – Moved to Aug. 21, 2020*
  • 4/17 – Lincoln, NE –  Moved to Aug. 19, 2021*
  • 4/18 – Madison, WI – Moved to Aug. 16, 2020*
  • 4/19 – Des Moines, IA – Moved to Aug. 18, 2020 *
  • 4/20 – Elmhurst, IL – Moved to Sept. 27, 2020
  • 4/22 – Kalamazoo, MI – Moved to Jan. 13, 2021
  • 4/23 – Columbus, OH – Moved. To Aug. 14, 2020*
  • 4/24 – Frankfort, KY – Moved to Aug. 15, 2020*
  • 4/25 – Wilkesboro, NC – Merlefest – Cancelled 
  • 4/27 – Virginia Beach, VA – Moved to Sept. 21, 2020**
  • 4/29 – Glenside, PA – Moved to Sept. 25, 2020**
  • 4/30 – Tarrytown, NY – Moved to Sept. 24, 2020**
  • 5/1 – Boston, MA – Moved to Feb. 12, 2021#
  • 5/2 – Albany, NY – Moved to Sept. 23, 2020**
  • 5/16 – Canberra, ACT – Postponed to 2021 (Date TBD)
  • 5/17 – Gold Coast, QLD – Blues On Broadbeach – Postponed to 2021 (Date TBD)
  • 5/3 – Cleveland, OH – Moved to Aug. 13, 2020*
  • 5/27 – Sherbrooke, QC – Moved to Dec. 16, 2020^
  • 5/28 – Ottawa, ON – Moved to Dec. 17, 2020^

*Support is Joe Robinson

^Support is Gareth Pearson 

**Support is Andy McKee

#Support is Jerry Douglas

For fans in Mississauga, this venue decided to refund all ticket purchases for this show. If you want to come to the rescheduled show, you must re-purchase your ticket. They are holding all the seat locations for the tickets already purchased. This tickets will not be available for sale until sometime in mid April and expect the venue to email you about this. If you bought a meet & greet, you do NOT need to repurchase your meet & greet for this show. 

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New recording of Drivetime
13 Mar 2020

I wrote this for my first daughter Amanda when she was little. I would pick her up from school, and instead of going straight home, we would drive up and down the beach road. She would play DJ with the CD player in our car. This precious time together we called our “drive time.” I couldn’t have written this song if I hadn’t spent a lifetime listening to Stevie Wonder.

For the first time ever you can also stream this song on Spotify!!


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Pre-order The Best of Tommysongs
6 Mar 2020

Pre-Orders are now available for The Best of Tommysongs. This double album is available as a CD, Vinyl, and as a Special Edition Book. The book contains rare photos from throughout Tommy’s life and family photos from his own personal collection. It also has exclusive liner notes written by Paul Zollo, a download card, the CDs, and the vinyl records all in one package. All the Special-Edition Books will also be numbered and signed by Tommy, and the records inside the book will be a customized colored vinyl.
The CD and standard vinyl pre-orders will ship no later than May 8, and the Special Edition Books will ship no later than June 12. As all singles are released, all the pre-orders will get instant downloads for each single such as “Fuel”. 

There are also some “Pre-Order Bundle Packs” that have some deep discounts such as the “Players Pack Bundle” which has guitar tab USB drive, the CGP notebook, Tommy’s signature picks, his guitar strap, and much more. There’s the “Apparel Bundle Pack” with hoodies, shirts, hats, socks, shirts, and more. There is also the “Limited-Edition Pin Pack” which contains a lanyard and 10 enamel pins. 7 of these pins highlight songs that appear on Tommysongs such as “Fuel”, “Angelina”, “It’s Never Too Late”, “Lewis & Clark”, “The Mystery”, “Endless Road”, and “(The Man With The) Green Thumb”.

Pre-Oder The Best of Tommysongs by clicking here

**Cover of the Special Edition Book**
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Fuel Video Premiere
4 Mar 2020

We are excited to have the great folks at Guitar Player premier the video for Tommy’s new song “Fuel”. Click the link below to see the new video!

The Best of Tommysongs will be available on May 8th

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Best of Tommysongs
2 Mar 2020

New Album available May 8th

Track Listing:

  1. Song For A Rainy Morning
  2. Angelina
  3. Halfway Home
  4. Fuel
  5. The Wide Ocean
  6. It’s Never Too Late
  7. (The Man With The) Green Thumb
  8. The Mystery
  9. Timberland
  10. Timberlake Road
  11. Sail On
  12. Blood Brother
  13. Endless Road
  14. Luttrell
  15. Ruby’s Eyes
  16. Lewis & Clark
  17. Train to Dusseldorf
  18. Mombasa
  19. Cowboy’s Dream
  20. Rachel’s Lullaby
  21. Questions
  22. Those Who Wait
  23. Drivetime
  24. Stay Close To Me

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